You plan your growth. We provide the GPS.

Business should not stop just here. Business should grow. In our team, we have qualified accountant, company secretary and business consultant who will help you navigate the path to sustainable business success. Reaching one level higher each time. We look at possibilities and feasibilities for high-growth.

Analysing and developing a tailor-made success business structure, we work toward a rapid implementation that delivers impressive outcome and faster commercial results. Our proven methodology developed by an expansive base of leading researchers and analytical minds have helped even small enterprises realize their potential to reach greater heights.

We encourage you to think big and getting on the right path to going big.

our experts

NG KEE PENG (KP) – Corporate Adviser

NG KEE PENG (KP) – Corporate Adviser

Every company has the potential to grow big. All they need is a good guide, a Corporate GPS, to give them a step-by-step process to attend to every document they require to expand from day one. That’s where KP’s work starts, from the day a business begins its operation, not many years later.

When KP was with Crowe Horwath from 1996 to 2006, he worked with his team to advice corporations like iCapital, Heaveboard, Compugates and Metal Reclamation Bhd. In his advisory role, he audited and provided advice on corporate finance, the rules for merger and acquisition, at the same time to suggest the process for receiver and manager when required.

In 2006 to 2009, he helped Provenco, an Auckland-based IT company who has their branch in Kuala Lumpur, to build its business presence in South East Asia. The work included recruiting and building talents to building customer base. In the event of a switch in ownership in later years, KP helped to prepare the exit value for the holding company.

While Freedom Venture, a company co-owned by KP with added secretarial services was being incorporated in 2016, KP was also building b’smart. B’smart is a company that provides solution for commercial and private vehicle tracking. During his tenure with b’smart, he turned the company around from a mere RM10million turnover annually to a whopping RM40million earnings after 5 years. This was achieved by receiving a grant from the government and raised investment and facilities from some investors including banks. Collectively, they raised approximately RM25million at the end of the capital injection exercise.

Just like a CFO on lease, KP’s duties also include clearing budget and forecasting, funding, improvement on internal control, design company financial blueprint, design company KPI, design shareholders structure, design company’s organisation and structure, corporate growth strategy and implementing structures for corporate tax submission.

As companies realise their potential for growth, KP’s service has been sought after to include giving seminars to startups and SMEs in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and China. The talks are organised to highlight the importance and the preparation for possible listing and funding in the future.

The Shunde government in China even invited KP to be their adviser and presenter at their regular CEO-IPO program in the province for their business people. In 2019, KP was awarded the Certificate of Appreciation as a speaker at the conference organised by the Perak Government for the “Invest Perak” project, a Business and Trade Collaboration Conference with Shunde Government, China.

To reiterate the potential of every company’s ability to go beyond their dreams, KP continues to share his knowledge about corporate funding and collaboration. As if you’ve turned on a Corporate GPS for your business, you are directed and being pin-pointed your way to a success route. When you start a business, ask “What is your company’s life purpose?”. Talk to KP, he has and is the Corporate GPS every business person needs for clarity on listing procedures – a public funding exercise every company should include in their ultimate growth.

TAN PEI CHOO – Company Secretary (a.k.a. Corporate Nanny)

TAN PEI CHOO – Company Secretary (a.k.a. Corporate Nanny)

Every company needs a corporate nanny. A person who nurtures and guides the company towards a healthy growth. Just like a nanny who nurtures a child, Pei Choo guides companies through their registration – from birth to a continuous robust development. She compiles and upkeeps the documents in compliance with the Companies Act. This is to ensure that each company complies with the statutory and regulatory requirements so that the decisions of the board of directors are carried out efficiently.

With her duties as a corporate nanny, she has helped to list several companies into the second board of the Malaysian Stock Exchange, migrating the listing status of a company from the second board to the main board, delisting from the Australian Stock Exchange and assumed the role of a mediator for a board dispute. She has also become the liaising officer with companies registered in the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Singapore, Hong Kong, Laos and Cambodia’s to help in all secretarial matters.

Pei Choo is a Chartered Secretary with the Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators. She received her qualification from the Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administration in 1996. In 2015, she went further to qualify as a Certified Financial Planner to assist in Personal Wealth Planning to guide entrepreneurs to maintain a list of healthy savings and investment portfolio. In 2019, she was awarded the Chartered Governance Professional as a complementary recognition to her professional work. 

Since 1999, she has been advising business owners on their birth (setup and incorporation); nurtures them towards maintenance and compliance of Companies Act and/or listing rules. She even marries companies in mergers and listings. She will help to wrap up a company, when no other options are available, with winding up or de-registration exercises. For companies moving towards greater growth, she will conduct all the corporate exercises such as listing the company to stock exchange, migration from second board to main board, bonus issues, rights issues, related party transactions and major disposal.

In 2017, when the new rules for company listing were implemented in Malaysia, Pei Choo gave several presentations to directors of companies to highlight the new listing rules and the protocol, i.e. new Companies Act, structure of directors’ fees, new listing rules and the regularisation of a PN17 company.

Pei Choo constantly reminds companies that as a Company Secretary, her main duty is to ensure that companies adhere to the regulations as stated in the law in order for a company to drive expansion. Like a nanny, as what Pei Choo likes to describe her work, is to nurture and provide a ‘safe’ environment for a company to grow strong and stable. She will hold your hand while you still go ahead and achieve what you’ve planned but she will be there to guide you and take care of every company’s needs – according to the Companies Act.