What will be the first thing to do when a company has come to a standstill?

After a few years in operation, there is an idea to go big, but how? “What we will do first is to determine where you are now and where you wish to go?” Kee Peng advised. Straight to the point.

As with his recent experience speaking with the Indian entrepreneurs, most of them do not want to continue working. They want to retire or take things a little easier and pass the bulk of the decision making to others. These sentiments are felt by any businessman who is in business for a number of years. Local businessman will tell you the same, but how do they let go? Are the companies looking for buyers or investors to take over the business?

The directions of businesses these days are dynamic collaborations. Look at the current acquisition which is already a global phenomenon. Recently, Lazada has attracted a huge investor, Alibaba, who has pumped in USD1billion. Alibaba needs a company who knows the South East Asian region better. The best company to collaborate is the one who has a good customer base in that region.

“You have to build a company that is bankable and investable. Foreign companies are getting to places. There are only two ways to get to where they want to go in the shortest time; one is to build the company on their own, the other is to acquire existing companies,” Kee Peng illustrated an important point for SMEs to consider.

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